Architecture Professor Blaine Brownell Publishes Material Strategies

Material Strategies.jpg Blaine Brownell, assistant professor at the School of Architecture, has published a new book discussing the history, current application, and larger affects of emergent materials in architecture. Material Strategies: Innovative Applications in Architecture includes case studies featuring detailed illustrations of buildings from today's most forward-thinking architectural firms and chapters. It also shows architects how creative applications of emergent materials have the potential to transform our built environment.

Along with being a leading scholar in the area of advanced materials for architecture and design, Brownell is an architect, sustainable building advisor, educator, and former Fulbright scholar. He is also the author of the popular book series, Transmaterial: A Catalog of Materials That Redefine Our Physical Environment.

At the end of January, Brownell lectured at Material Xperience in Rotterdam, Netherlands on "Materials for the Carbohydrate Economy." The annual event is one of the largest exhibitions in the world focused exclusively on innovative materials for building.

You can read a recent review of Material Strategies in Architects + Artisans here. Brownell is also a regular contributor to Architect. You can subscribe to his Transmaterial e-newsletter here.

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