Monday Minute, February 20, 2012: Investing in Our Future

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Tom Headshot.jpgDear Colleagues,

Thanks to everyone who submitted a proposal to our college-wide RFP for investments in our vision, visibility and vitality. The response was overwhelming and I was extremely grateful for each idea that was put forth to help build our college for the future. Although we had proposals totaling over $350,000, we had approximately $160,000 available, and have decided to move forward with those outlined in no particular order below.

As a reminder, the College RFP specifically for research and outreach funds is due on March 1. More information on that is available here. Hope to see you at Friday's assembly. Have a good week. - Tom

Pat Nunnally - The River Runs Through All of Us: Expanding the Reach and Impact of "Making the Mississippi"

Juanjuan Wu - Collaborative Open Innovation with Target: Co-Design Visual Display Applications in 3D Virtual Store

Kerry Haglund & Barry Kudrowitz - Efficient Windows Collaborative Window Selection Tool App

John Carmody & Jim Lutz - Public Interest Sustainable Architecture in the Developing World

Hye Young Kim, Kim Johnson, Juanjuan Wu - Developing Online Course Offerings to Strengthen Retail Merchandising Major and Minor Programs

Sue Chu & Pat Hemmis - How a deep understanding of Experience Design can expand design thinking and lead to curricular development and collaborative learning opportunities for the College of Design

Justin Kindelspire, Partick McKennan, Kevin Groenke, John Grosen, Tim Walters - Rhino Fab Lab: utilizing CDes resources and expertise as a community training resource

Daniel Jasper & Angie Tank - Design High

Vince debritto, David Pitt, Stephan Roos - Conversion of LA 3501 to on-line course offering

Renee Cheng, Jim Lutz, Blaine Brownell - Intern Development Program: Academic Bridge

Kristine Miller, Carrie Christensen - Design and Place Based Community Building

John Carmody, Rich Strong & Ignacio San Martin - Sustainable Community Design initiative: Focus on UMORE and the University District Alliance

Daniel Jasper, Missy Bye, Denise Guerin, Juanjuan Wu, Stephanie Zollinger, Linsey Gordon, Kathy Guiney - Technology of Innovative Design

Sharon Roe, Aaron Westre, Craig Amundsen - Building on Strength: Large Lecture Course showcasing work of CDes

Blaine Brownell & Jim Lutz - MS Program in Sustainable Design: Visibility and Recruitment