Photos + Video from TWELVE | Senior Fashion Show

It happened Saturday night. Eleven senior apparel design students showcased their work on the runway during their 44th annual fashion show. After years of cutting, stitching, piecing, and creating, the soon-to-be graduate designers brought their collections to life.

Over a thousand people turned out to see garments ranging from 'fashionably reused' recycled vintage clothing to elegant bridal wear to a line inspired by scuba and aquatic creatures. Sophomore and junior students also displayed their work.

fs20121.jpgDesigns by Gabby Goetz. Models (not in order): Ellen Wunderlich, Megan Uelner, Alyssa Robinson, and Anna Brost

fs20122.jpgDesigns by Silvia Guttmann. Models (not in order): Alex Sertic, Twee Nguyen, Casey Moore, Bjorn Briel, and Cana Potter

fs20123.jpgDesigns by Carol Fallabeck. Models (not in order): Leah Westendorf, April Evers, Andrea Falle, and Brittney Krutchen

A huge thank you to everyone who helped promote the event this year:

Make sure to check out other events happening during MN Fashion Week. We'll see you at the 45th annual fashion show next year!

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Thanks for posting these... I knew someone who got to attend and told me how good this was and I am so glad to see some of it!
Nice Job!!!