Aaron Westre (M Arch '09) Exhibits City Fight! at the Soap Factory

Aaron Westre, an adjunct instructor at the School of Architecture, is a participating artist in the Soap Factory's 2011-2012 exhibition Art(ists) on the Verge (AOV3). The exhibition features new work from five Minnesota-based artists selected for AVO3's intensive, year-long, mentor-based fellowship program. The fellows are working experimentally at the intersection of art, technology, and digital culture with a focus on network-based practices that are interactive and/or participatory.

"My work emerges from the recombination of ideas from architecture, software development, biology, physics, social sciences, and other domains," explains Westre. "I am educated as an architect and identify primarily with the discipline of architecture, but my medium is software."

His showcased work is a video game about urban planning called City Fight! The game is on display and available for anyone to play now through April 15, 2012.

Westre explains the concept behind City Fight!

If you're interested in software and design, Westre has a forthcoming book from Routledge based on his course with the title same titled, Design Games. The book will guide readers through the process of building their own 3D design tools that incorporate techniques used in video games.

Westre will give an artist talk at the Soap Factory on Friday, March 23 at 8:00 p.m. The event is free and open to the public.

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