Architecture and Apparel Design Students Present at National Conference
NCUR_Students_Kate_Maple_March_2012_FBsize403.jpgPictured left to right: Misty Karges, apparel design; Amanda Marcott, BDA in Architecture; Brenna Hoisington, B.S. in Architecture; Sebastian Marques, B.S. in Architecture, and Kate Maple, Assistant Dean for Student Services.

Four students from the College of Design traveled to Ogden, Utah for the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) at Weber State University last week: Misty Karges, apparel design; Amanda Marcott, BDA in Architecture; Brenna Hoisington, B.S. in Architecture; and Sebastian Marques, B.S. in Architecture. The annual conference gives undergraduate scholars in all fields and from all types of institutions of higher learning a forum to share the results of their work through posters, presentations, performances, and works of art. The students will be accompanied by Kate Maple, Assistant Dean for Student Services.

Amanda Marcott will present research on Gothic cathedral vaults and is looking forward to visiting another state and seeing other projects. "I feel very lucky to be in a program that has faculty who are willing to give up their time and coach students without any research experience," says Marcott, who's attending graduate school in the fall for her M.Arch degree. "I am attending NCUR for the experience in presenting my work, analyzing the role of the vaulting systems in design, and seeing what other undergraduate students are doing."

Her advisor, Assistant Professor of Architecture Benjamin Ibarra-Sevilla, also encouraged Sebastian Marques to submit an abstract to NCUR. "I am attending NCUR because I believe it will be a great experience and opportunity to further develop my professional career," says Marques, who will present on the impact of digital technology on the design of vault systems.

Brenna Hoisington is looking forward to seeing projects related to her field of study and talking with students from various undergraduate programs. "This will be my first conference and I am excited to share my research about a historically significant structure," she explains, referring to her research on the seventh street arches in St. Paul.

Misty Karges worked with Assistant Professor and Director of the Apparel Design Program, Lucy Dunne, to see if the wardrobe habits of participants using a Smart Wardrobe system--a program designed by Dunne to track garment usage--were impacted. Karges is also a member of the Studio IV class designing space suit and space flight garment components for NASA. She'll travel with her classmates to Johnson Space Center at the end of April to present their design.


Misty Karges presenting her posted at Weber State University NCUR 2012

Students interested in attending NCUR in 2013 or participating in the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) should visit the Office of Undergraduate Research or speak with an advisor.