Dean Fisher on the Contingent Workforce and Public Decison Making

A new article by Dean Tom Fisher in the Public Sector Digest makes a case for adapting public policies to the changing needs of the workforce.

"The Contingent Workforce and Public Decision Making" addresses rethinking zoning laws, K-12 education, and the role played by retail. With a growing number of contingent workers in mind (self-employed, freelancers, or accidental entrepreneurs laid off from full-time positions) who are predicted to become a majority of the workforce by 2030, Fisher suggests visiting a Starbucks and looking at the number of working, because, he points out, "The next economy, of course, is not next: it's already here...So how do we embed that fact into day-to-day public decision-making?"

You can download a complete PDF of the article here.

Dean Fisher also writes a column for the Huffingtonpost.