Apparel Design Students Take Wearable Technology to NASA Headquarters

As NASA's Discovery space shuttle makes it's final flight over D.C., 16 students in Lucy Dunne's Studio IV apparel design course are on their own mission: completing work on their wearable technology designs before presenting them at NASA headquarters on Friday, April 27. KSTP-TV interviewed Dunne and her students as they make final preparations for the trip.

What does wearable technology look like? Here's are two examples. A hands-free garment for computing systems that holds your electronics and feels comfortable.

Nasamodel1small.jpgAnd a garment with a built-in warning systems to alert wearers to possible dangers with tactile and visual senors. Pictured below is the garment Jessica Loomis, Mai Yang, and Grace Loring produced for consumer use, compatible with the technology that someday might be worn in space.