GIS Pioneer Jack Dangermond Visits Campus

Jack Dangermond (M.Arch '68), founder of the mapping software company Esri, was on campus this week to give a lecture at the Humphrey Institute and tour the College of Design as the first Distinguished Visiting Fellow of the Institute on the Environment (IonE). During his lecture, Dangermond described how maps tell stories that motivate action. With available cloud technology in phones in tablets, users can now democratize the information, make it real-time, and "become" the data.

Tom Fisher Dangermond Rapson2.jpgDangermond with Student1.jpgIn 2008, Dangermond, a landscape architect by training, was awarded an honorary Doctor of Science degree from the University of Minnesota for his research and work with GIS systems. He founded Esri with his wife, Laura, in 1969 as a small research group in Redlands, CA, focused on land use planning and decision-making. Today, Esri is a software giant, providing research and tools that are instrumental in the diverse work of more than 350,000 clients world-wide.


Jack Dangermond Lecture.jpg

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