Laura Musacchio Presents at Helsinki University Centre for Environment Conference in Finland

scienceday1312.jpgLaura Musacchio, an associate professor in the department of Landscape Architecture, recently spoke at the University of Helsinki, Finland during HENVI Science Days 2012, a conference hosted by the Helsinki University Centre for Environment (HENVI). The event aimed to bring up the concept of ecosystem services in the context of urban sustainability, enhance science-policy interface and support dialogue between science and society.

Musacchio spoke on the second day of the conference about cultivating our own deep nature and deep care, and the role of knowledge broker in the cultural dimension of ecosystem services.

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Dr. Musacchio's committment to her field of study is truly admirable. She contributes so much to the U of MN and her students. In addition, her international outreach is an important part of the growing worldwide landscape ecology movement whose goal is to create a better and healthier world.