Toy Product Design Featured on Discovery Channel Canada
musical_toy_for_blog1.jpgProduct Design Assistant Professor Barry Kudrowitz developed his course on Toy Product Design to show graduate and undergraduate students how to take their product ideas from concept to functional prototype.

Last spring, Jesse Purvey, Annice Larkin, Colin Nelson, and James Cosper developed a toy that will be part of a permanent exhibit at the Works Museum in Bloomington, MN. The musical toy (above) was featured on the Canadian Discovery Channel's show Daily Planet this spring. You can watch the Daily Planet clip here.

Throughout the hands-on course, offered in the Spring semester, students in PDES 3711 bring their projects to Play Testing events at the Minnesota Children's Museum and involve kids in the design process.  At the end of the course, students present their toy product prototypes at PLAYsentations to toy designers, engineers, children and the University of Minnesota community.

"Drawings are essential," says James Cosper, who currently works in the lab as a workshop instructor, "but when people can see and feel the prototypes I think we get a better sense of what is working and if they are really excited about the concept."

Toy_product_example_FBsize.jpgJesse Purvey, a Mechanical Engineering student with minors in Design and Leadership, registered for Toy Product Design because it fulfilled some of his required credits. He's pursuing the design minor because it offers opportunities "outside of the box" from his regular Engineering classes.  "I'm really impressed by the space the space and resources [in Rapson]," says Purvey, "I really feel like I've gotten a lot of hands on experience. It's cool to see these kinds of interdisciplinary projects happening." After graduation he plans to pursue a career involved with global systemic design and involving intentional design on a large scale.

Barry_Giving_Lecture_FBsize.jpgThe musical toy Purvey and Cosper helped develop for the Works Museum exhibit is scheduled to be fully operational and on display later this spring.

Student currently in Toy Product Design will showcase their new toys at PLAYsentations on May 2nd at 7:30pm in the Bell Museum Auditorium.