What is D@MN anyway?

D@MN (Design at Minnesota) is the new College of Design blog. D@MN rethinks the way we tell stories. It contains new social media buttons (making it easier for you to share news that matters), improved fonts for readability, updated categories, and dynamic graphics. Yeah, but what is D@MN?

D@MN publishes stories about:
•    Students using design to understand human rights issues in Brazil
•    Alumni creating video games about urban planning
•    Faculty greening downtown Minneapolis and studying public spaces in New York


D@MN covers events at the College before and after they happen:
•    #Tweakleap: Over 200 innovators attend Design Intersections 2012
•    Apparel students design scrubs with a twist
•    GIS developer & alum Jack Dangermond comes to campus 

D@MN fits into the College of Design mission statement:
Through a unique commitment to creativity and advancing technologies, the College of Design at the University of Minnesota leads, innovates and educates in the full range of design fields by researching ongoing and emerging issues, exploring new knowledge, and addressing and solving real-world problems; all while adhering to socially responsible, sustainable, and collaborative design thinking.

D@MN is the complete, one-stop source for everything happening at the College of Design. Leave a comment below and tell us what you think.