Retail Merchandising Students Develop 3D Virtual Stores

Working with Target Corporation's Merchandise Presentation Department, eighty-one students competed in a visual merchandising innovation challenge this spring.  Students were given challenges in three different departments: Boys, Men's, and Ready to Wear and worked in teams to develop strategies addressing those challenges and implementing their solutions in a 3D virtual store. 

First prize was awarded to Sarah Lundberg and Natasha Bursch; second prize to Sasenka Curic and Joe LeGarde II; and third prize to Katy Anderson and Liz Schenkat. 

The following teams received honorable mentions: Jennifer Silbernagel and Michelle Kisrow; Rebecca Doepke and Erika O'Brien; Kaitlyn Grabinski, Michelle Conklin, and Jessica Chiu; and Landon Hersch and Elizabeth Wilson.

Thumbnail image for Winners and Target.JPG

(Back row, left to right) Sara Lundberg, Natasha Bursch, Celeste Bosn, David Sommer, Amy Grabow; (front row, left to right) Joe LeGarde II, Sasenka, Liz Schenkat, Katy Anderson, Jihan Elshazly, Juanjuan Wu.

Natasha and Sarah1.JPG

Katy and Liz.jpg

(Top) First prize storyboard by Sara Lundberg and Natasha Bursch; (bottom) Third prize storyboard by Katy Anderson and Liz Schenkat.

Thanks to everyone from Target who participated, including: David Sommer, Director, Merchandise Presentation Department; Amy Grabow, Senior Group Manager, Apparel and Accessories; Celeste Bosn, Presentation Manager, Men's; Jihan Elshazly, Business Analyst, Big Boy; Cara Damminga (M.S. Apparel and Retail '11), Business Analyst, Ready to Wear and Target Canada; and Emma Jaeger, Business Analyst, Men's.

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