Bruce Vento Elementary Partners with the College of Design


Terry Wiley's fifth-grade students received a unique design education opportunity this year. As part of an initiative to keep creativity vibrant in children, the College of Design adopted Bruce Vento Elementary in St. Paul to bring design learning into the classroom.


On May 3, students spent a day on the Minneapolis campus where they engaged in a design exercise with Abi Asojo (Interior Design) by creating a 3D room on the computer; spoke with Tex Ostvig, the coordinator for Kids on Campus, about the importance of college and their role as citizens and problem-solvers of the future; watched the Daily Planet's video episode about the Toy Product Design course and imagined themselves as toy designers of the future; and took front row seats on the Northrop Mall during Signmark's Silent Shout concert where they learned how to rap using American Sign Language.


A new group of fifth-graders from Bruce Vento will partner with the College next year.