Mapping Spectral Traces Collaborative Receives IAS Funding

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Professor Rebecca Krinke (Landscape Architecture) is among a team of University colleagues involved with Mapping Spectral Traces (MST) who received funding from the Institute for Advanced Study. Each year, the Institute supports a limited number of research and creative collaborative groups to promote synergistic interdisciplinary activity.

MST is an international network of scholars, artists, and community leaders who work with and in traumatized communities, contested lands, and diverse environments. The network values a socially engaged creative practice, to 'map' the unseen and unacknowledged difficult pasts that continue to structure present-day social relations, and shares their work through workshops, projects, publications, and exhibitions.

Krinke will collaborate with Christine Baeumler, Joyce Lyon, Gulgun Kayim, Mona Smith, and Pat Nunnally (Institute on the Environment), and Karen Kinoshita (Institute for Advanced Study), to organize an event to listen to the stories and knowledge of Dakota elders and artists. Follow up workshops and dialogue will invite Dakota and non-Dakota community members to reflect and exchange thoughts on the role of history, story, and land in contested places. The MST collaborative will also facilitate the production of a catalogue to document the collected reflections.