The Kitchen Lab: A Collaboration with the Walker Art Center

KitchenLab1.jpgProfessor Rebecca Krinke (Landscape Architecture), along with Atlanta-based design duo Carl and Betsy DiSalvo, and Masters in Landscape Architecture students Anna Bierbrauer, Erin Garnaas-Holmes, Derek Schilling, and Emily Stover are hosting Redesigning the Kitchen: A Mobile Hearth for Collectivist Action (aka The Walker Kitchen Lab), from June 18 to June 29, in collaboration with the Walker Art Center. Working together they will consider "the kitchen" from an array of vantage points: contemporary art, landscape architecture, craft, engineering, food systems, public health, cultural studies, theater, history, and more.

The Walker Kitchen Lab is a design research project exploring the kitchen as a site for cultural expression and social action. A collective of researchers, designers, artists, students, and educators will work together to investigate the design and use of kitchens, and create a series of prototype objects and events that support novel ways to make and share food. Participants are also designing and building a new kind of kitchen--a modular, multifaceted public "lab" with tools for use on the Walker's Open Field and in the city, where people congregate for experiences with food and in the process spark new kinds of social interaction and civic engagement.


Upcoming Course Events: A workshop with Chris Olson on the history of group dining (6/26); Tracey Deutsch discusses why so many Americans became interested in food and food politics in the later 20th and early 21st centuries (6/26); Tamara Brown explains what it takes to create a food truck and bring food to the streets (6/27)...and more!