Laura Musacchio Studies Connection Between Severe Storms and Cities
© Camille Seaman

Associate professor Laura Musacchio (Landscape Architecture), an Institute on the Environment resident fellow, will be collaborating on a new $1.58 million study funded by NASA, which is being led by Dr. Geoff Henebry, a professor and senior scientist at the Geographic Information Science Center of Excellence at South Dakota State University. The research team, which also includes scientists from the University of Oklahoma, University of Michigan, Columbia University, and the National Severe Storm Laboratory, will examine how land use, settlement patterns, and the shapes of cities influence severe weather in the Great Plains region. Dr. Musacchio will help to bridge simulation modeling and empirical analysis about severe storms to the applied problem-solving for resilient and sustainable urban regions.


If the funds for that study are so impressive, I can imagine how important for every one of us, the results will be! Great idea and relation to be sought, I truly hope it will give us at least ways to foresee severe storms in future.

Interesting that NASA is funding it. That is a huge fund. If you're looking for landscape architects to act as storm chasers, I'm in!