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Dear Friends,

Design education in the twenty-first century is global, sustainable and socially responsible. Each year, we look for ways to not only teach those principles, but to give our students real opportunities to better the world through design. In a few weeks, students in our apparel design classes will begin projects to create dresses and products for the Blue House girls' orphanage in Uganda and the Girls Home of Pune, India. But we need your help!

Support Design Global Outreach - Give $25 Today

To cover the cost of student materials and shipping, we need to raise $5,000 before school starts--by midnight on August 31. Your gift today ensures that our students have enough funding to put their skills to work and make a real impact on the world beyond campus.

Support Design Global Outreach - Give $25 Today

Last year, because of donor support, students provided new clothes to an orphanage in Haiti, helping those who lost their parents in the 2010 earthquake and tsunami that devastated the country. This year, students are reaching out again, and reaching farther. We're counting on you--our donors, alumni and friends--to once again give a gift with global impact.


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Tom Fisher
Professor and Dean
College of Design