What Needs to be Said? You Decide
Blank Pages In An Open Notebook

A new installation by Professor Rebecca Krinke (Landscape Architecture) opens at the St. Anthony Park Pop-Up Shop, on Wednesday, August 15, and runs through Sunday, August 19. Her public art project What Needs to be Said? will transform an empty storefront at 2401 W. University Avenue into a semi-transparent "Writing Room" made out of of paper and charred wood.

The goal is to provide a unique environment for anyone to write what "needs to be said" and offer the possibility for writing and reading others' writings in a random, physical, visceral way. Words can be made public by pinning them to the walls or placed out of reach so they are unreadable (they will be collected and burned at the end of the project).

The installation, explains Krinke, "invites all the voices from the community to speak, and to speak their truth. There is a tremendous need for new places and objects to address our emotional life." Two University of Minnesota graduate students in landscape architecture, Michael Richardson and Miss Emily Lowery, worked with her on the project. During their residency this week, the team will be experimenting with a variety of other approaches to What Needs to Be Said? including sound, dialogues, and recording.

Krinke is extending an open invitation to individuals or groups to participate in experimental ideas and to share their own ideas for the project. Krinke is interested in the possibilities for taking the "Writing Room" to other indoor or outdoor locations and invites ideas from the public.

The weeklong residency is made possible by the vacant storefront rentals facilitated by the Starling Project and their St. Anthony Park Pop Up Space. Starling was conceived by and is run by a group of University of Minnesota graduate students/recent graduates of the University of Minnesota's College of Design and the HHH School of Public Affairs.

  • The public is invited to a reception on Thursday, August 16, 5 - 9 p.m. at 2401 W. University Avenue in St. Paul
  • The installation will be open and free to the public August 15-19, 5 - p.m
  • For more information or a tour of the project contact Rebecca Krinke at rjkrinke@umn.edu or 612-801-6629
  • Learn more about our Landscape Architecture program