Thank You For Supporting Design Global Outreach



Dear Friends,

We did it! Because of your support, our apparel design students will embark on semester-long projects to hone their skills and broaden their understanding of our global design community.

What a great gift you've given our students--not only is their load lightened during trying economic times, but they're about to learn that their work can have an impact halfway around the world.

Thank you for supporting Design Global Outreach. I look forward to updating you on our students' work to help the children of the Blue Girls home in Uganda and the girls home of Pune India. For now, you can still donate to our Design Global Outreach fund and your contributions will be used for our next international collaboration.

Thank you for all that you do,

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Tom Fisher
Professor and Dean
College of Design

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Last year, donors and alumni raised over $1,000 to help our apparel students design dresses and shorts for orphans in Haiti. Earlier this week I shared our plans to expand this initiative to our new partners in Uganda and India. You can help defray the material costs to our students and provide good design and a new set of clothes to children in need - by making a gift before midnight on August 31!


We're already on our way to reaching our goal of $5,000 by August 31, but we need everyone's help. With rising tuition costs and decreasing state funding for higher education, every little bit matters to our students. Give them one less thing to worry about this fall and help cover the cost of their materials for this important humanitarian cause.

Support Design Global Outreach - Give $25 Today

Do your part and show our students that design can make a difference, not just here in the Twin Cities, but on a global scale.