Monday Minute, October 15, 2012: Redesigning Higher Education
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Dear Colleagues,

It was great to see a number of you at last week's workshop Design Thinking for Higher Education Innovation. For those who were unable to attend, our College joined the Midwestern Higher Education Compact and the University's Jandris Center for Innovative Higher Education and its Center for Integrative Leadership to put together a sold-out workshop, led by Virajita Singh of CSBR.

The workshop generated a lot of creative ideas, many of them focused on making higher education more nimble, flexible, and adaptable to meet the rapidly-changing needs of students, the workforce, and society. The event also showed how many of the challenges we face in our college are not uniquely our own. As we look at changing demographics, student needs, state funding, and technology, we must continue to seek creative ways of delivering an affordable, high-quality education.

Educational innovation is already occurring in the college and it need not be drastic. I've flipped my class this semester, for example, and I know that a number of you are delivering course content in new ways. I look forward to discussing the outcomes of these efforts with you in the Spring.

I came away from the workshop realizing that the best way to transform education is from within and that it lies within the power of every faculty and staff member to innovate in how we deliver our courses, do our research, and engage in service.

Thanks to all of those who attended last week's workshop, and I look forward to continuing this dialogue about the future of higher education with everyone in the months to come. Have a good week.


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Tom Fisher
Professor and Dean
College of Design