What You Can Learn From a Mausoleum, Temporal Graffiti, and Nicaragua
The 2012 Adjunct Slam gave an audience of students, staff, and faculty the opportunity to hear 10 members of the College of Design adjunct faculty present, in five minutes or less, a look at their professional work outside the University. Audience members voted for the People's Choice award, with $500, $300, and $200 in professional development funds going to the top three winners.

  • 1st Place: Adjunct Assistant Professor Eric Amel discussed his contributions to HGA's Lakewood Cemetery Garden Mausoleum. The project was documented in a video produced by Adjunct Professor Christian Korab, Marc Ofsthun (BDA '11), and BDA student Peter VonDeLinde. "We are exploring form and language in filmmaking as a tool for imaging the temporal, experiential and sensual aspects of architecture," explained Korab. "Our collaboration began in the classroom and proceeds onward in our hopes for gainful, professional development."

  • 2nd Place: Teaching Specialist Aaron Marx talked about his project using mass information, Minneapolis Art on Wheels, and temporal graffiti to inform, educate, and inspire Minneapolis communities. 
  • 3rd Place: Adjunct Assistant Professor Michael Keenan discussed his restoration work for the Green Hills Farm Master Plan in Bluefields, Nicaragua. 

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