[Photos] 45th Annual Senior Fashion Show: Flux

The 45th Annual Senior Fashion Show: Flux featured collections developed, constructed, and put on the runway by 17 apparel design seniors from the College of Design. The student-produced fashion show was a capstone experience, with collections ranging from unconventional to ready to wear to costumes for kids.  "We're set free and can create basically anything that we want, which is really exciting and freeing," said senior Lucie Mulligan in an interview with Citypages. "It's also terrifying because it's the first time that the fashion industry and people other than your close friends and family are going to see your designs."

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FashionShow_2013_46.jpgWord on the Street:

"There were beats bumpin', lists curated, photos snappin', a bleak table of refreshments and a make-shift runway in the center of it all. The excitement was palpable."
- Shannon Ryan, Minnesota Daily

"The designers have complete artistic freedom to create their collection with the only requirement being that they create four looks."
- Nicole Crosby, CityPages

"This year's group of designers ranged from the highly commercial to the all-out bizarre, from the safely on-trend to the truly inspired."
- Jahna Peloquin, Vita.mn

"I'm always so impressed by the amount of effort that goes into this show. Such a huge production and it went off seemingly without a hitch."
- Chelsea Lane, Zipped

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