A Debt-Free Semester Next Fall?
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[Update: April 8, 2013]

Thank You for supporting Design without Debt! Because of gifts from alumni and friends like you, one lucky student will soon receive a scholarship to cover a whole semester of tuition! You've given one more student an incredible opportunity - the freedom to focus on education.

We will be sure to update you and our blog later this spring with news on the lucky recipient of the Design without Debt scholarship. If you missed the chance to give, you can still contribute to scholarships at z.umn.edu/designscholars.


Tom Fisher, 
Professor and Dean, College of Design


[Update: March 29, 2013]62289_10151542350611113_850037975_n.jpg

We need you now. We're close to meeting our goal to raise $6,250 - the full cost of one semester of undergraduate tuition - and every gift counts. We only need $1,526 more to make it by Friday night at midnight. Will you be the one to help us reach our goal?
Give today so we can give one more student a debt-free semester.

[Update: March 26, 2013]

We want  to raise a full semester's tuition of $6,250 by this Friday. We're over halfway there, but we still need your help to reach our goal. Our Assistant Dean for Student Services Kate Maple and her colleagues are working right now to review scholarship packages for the 2013-2014 academic year. Your gift by the end of this week will enable us to recognize at least one more student and set them on solid ground for the fall. 

[Update: March 21, 2013] 

On Monday we launched our campaign to raise $6,250 - the cost of one 6422_10151542315201113_1445240642_n.jpgsemester of undergraduate tuition - by Friday, March 29. Give today to this new scholarship and help give one more student a debt-free semester.

Scholarships not only relieve students from financial worries, but - more importantly - give them the freedom to dream big and push the limits of their own learning. Don't just take it from me. This is what one student had to say about his recent scholarship:

"Education is the greatest tool for success anyone can give. I am a firm believer in the phrase 'knowledge is power.' I want to be successful, but by my own doing." - Juan (Graphic Design)

Our students are fiercely independent and driven by the need to improve the world around them. They are the entrepreneurs and innovators poised to become our nation's next leaders. Arm one more student with the right tools to take on the world.

[Original Post: March 18, 2013] 


From our nation's capital to our kitchen table, we're all talking about debt. Some of our best students are burdened by debt and we can no longer afford to avoid the subject. This year, I want to do better. Help us raise $6,250 - the cost of one undergraduate semester - and give one Design student a debt-free start this fall.

Scholarships enable hard-working students to focus on their education, not their bills. Our students are driven to imagine, innovate, and lead. Help reduce the financial obstacle that prevents many from taking creative risks or new challenges.

Give to this new scholarship by Friday, March 29, and we'll be able to award it this fall, freeing one more student from the obligation of student loans to pay for tuition. Remove the limits on what imagination can do and give our students the freedom to pursue their dreams.

Many thanks,

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Tom Fisher
Professor and Dean
College of Design