[Video] Barry Kudrowitz Unveils Oreo Separator Machine

Earlier this week, Oreo launched its Cookies vs. Cream video series with David Neevel, a self-proclaimed physicist and copywriter, showing off a contraption that takes apart an Oreo Rube Goldberg style - complete with mini hatchet. Today, Oreo launched another video in the series featuring Assistant Professor Barry Kudrowitz (Product Design) with his own Oreo-separating machine. The commercial was filmed in Rapson Hall.

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Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 11.28.23 AM.jpg

This isn't the first unique invention developed by Kudrowitz. In 2005 he developed the Catsup Crapper (now Automato), a remote controlled robot that "roller skates" to your plate and dispenses ketchup (it was featured on The Martha Stewart Show and Conan). Kudrowitz teaches courses about Creativity, Idea Generation, Innovation and Toy Design. To learn more, visit his website.


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