Alumni + ArtCrank 2013: Adam Turman and Ryan Carlson

Adam Turman - Always Take the High Road .jpgArtcrank, the annual bicycle-poster hybrid show with its roots in Minneapolis returned to the city last weekend with affordable, original works of art by local artists - including illustrator and designer Adam Turman (B.S. Design Communication '99) and Twin Six co-owner Ryan Carlson (B.S. Graphic Design '01).

Turman is known for his iconic vintage-style posters featuring iconic Twin City landmarks. This year his poster, "Always Take the High Road," features a cyclist crossing a bridge between the two cities. In an interview with Minnesota Public Radio, he explained that bikes are, "really complicated to draw ... But that's sort of the challenge of it; that's the fun of it."

  • Listen to Turman's MPR interview.

Carlson, Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for 120201-69_lg.jpgco-owner of the alternative cycling apparel design company, Twin Six, created a limited-edition jersey for this year's show.

"Having done posters for the first few Minneapolis shows, we were a logical choice to design the official Artcrank jersey," explains the company's website. The graphic for the jersey was inspired by Artcrank's founding principle of bringing together bikes and art. 

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