Students for Design Activism at Northern Spark

SPARK4.jpgA light installation by Students for Design Activism (SDA) will be on view this weekend during Northern Spark in Lowertown, Saint Paul. The idea behind the project, called Lower Course, is to connect the urban realm of downtown Saint Paul to its grand natural amenity, the Mississippi River. The installation is a collaboration between SDA and students in the electrical engineering U of M student group, Tesla Works.

"Currently, the basic idea is to evoke the idea of upstream/downstream with interactive light panels depicting the Mississippi River," explained M.L.A. student Solange Guillaume. "As visitors to Northern Spark near the panels, the boards will glow with varying degrees of brightness that stream from left to right (flowing in the direction of the river). Their location is along a walkway on the southwestern walkway past Union Depot to the underpass before Warner Road."

Lower Course will be on display from Saturday, June 8 at 8:58 pm - Sunday, June 9 at 5:26 am at the Sibley Underpass.

Participating students: Michael Richardson, Erin Garnaas-Holmes, Solange Guilliame, Lindsay Hawks, Alex Hill, Ryan Ruttger, and Elissa Brown.

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