Smart Clothing, Smart Girls Learning about STEM
971024_10151767869366113_1505609519_n.jpg969406_10151767870351113_1047091019_n.jpgThis week over a dozen, middle school girls from Anoka County 4-H and Girls Inc.

 participated in a new STEM camp called Smart Clothing, Smart Girls held at the College of Design. Associate Professor Lucy Dunne (Apparel Design), in a partnership between Cornell University and the University of Minnesota, spearheaded the camp which is supported by a three-year National Science Foundation grant to use apparel design as a vehicle to attract middle school girls to STEM learning and engineering careers.

Thumbnail image for 557887_10151767869061113_1951221976_n.jpgThe girls learned about wearable technologies and electrical circuits, skyped with NASA, and built their own space suits for a final fashion show on Friday. Along the way, they were introduced to 2D to 3D visualization and the engineering design process. Adult educators from 4-H and Girls Inc.

 were on hand to help facilitate the various projects, and will continue to be involved as the project grows over the next two years.

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