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What's happening in Interior Design Studio? Yoga!! What???


Well, IDES1601 has been working and chipping away at our last project of the semester. The task of this final assignment is to design a yoga studio for women. Asides from that, our instructors have let our minds run wild! We get to determine the location of the yoga studio. We get to choose how many people it will serve, what type of atmosphere it is, what colors might be used. Last but not least, we get to plan all of the interior space including the floor plan!!

This is such an exciting time in the year for us interior design students because we're getting a chance to apply everything we've learned throughout the semester to one big, comprehensive assignment where we can show off our knowledge, skill set, and overall ability.

I decided to name my yoga studio "Twist 6 Yoga Studios". In my opinion as well as others' I gathered through research and interviews, the word "twist" encompasses a fun vibe while simultaneously reflecting what the body does when doing yoga. The "6" comes from the concept of having two small yoga rooms in my studio where parties of six or less will be able to do yoga in a private, and more intimate setting.

At this stage, I'm nailing down a solid plan of what I want my floor plan to look like. From there, I'll be able to decide on preliminary placement of furniture, lighting etc.

Below are some pictures of my progress so far!

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Until next time,
Ashley Ochiagha
Interior Design


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