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Look How Time Flies

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10.pngWell, well, well. The end of the year had to come sometime, and with the summer following behind it, I can't say I'm too somber. This week has been quite the transition being that my last final was on Saturday and now I'm finished with school until the fall. As I mentioned before, I'll be working quite a bit this summer, and that has only just begun. And if I'm not working, I actually have this wonderful thing called free time. With all this free time, I've decided I need to set some summer goals.
1) Exercise or be active 5-6 times a week.
2) Read for leisure.
3) Self learn more on Adobe Illustrator.
4) Cook more.

I'm really excited about these goals because they are all totally attainable, as well as beneficial if I can stick to it and accomplish them. Along with those goals for the summer, I'll also continue blogging-- though it'll be every other week until fall. Don't fret too much though! Time flies and I'll be back with another post on May 28th.

Until then,
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