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When Class and Life Collide

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You know what's funny? When you start seeing life coincide with what you are learning in classes; it's both strange and quite awesome at the same time! This life/class overlap is happening to me with an online course called Fashion, Design, and the Global Industry. In the class we learning about fashion capitols and what attributes make a city into a fashion world city, or fashion capitol; it's super interesting! To better comprehend the material, the professor split the class into groups and gave us an assignment to analyze a potential fashion capitol; my group chose the city of Los Angeles. This is now where my class/life overlap starts to occur because I am considering moving to Los Angeles the fall after I graduate. Wanting to focus on schoolwork, I assumed that any research I wanted to do on LA would have to wait till winter break. However, now that it is essentially part of my schoolwork to research Los Angeles, I am able to "kill two birds with one stone" if you will; study, analyze the LA fashion scene, and maybe even look for potential job opportunities all in one sitting!

Here's a collage that I did as an assignment for the class; its purpose is to showcase the youthful and active consumer market found in Los Angeles.

Picture 28.png
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Sasenka-Retail Merchandising

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