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Finding Purpose With Odd Jobs


Summer can be a time to get a lot of things done that had to be put off during the school year. For instance, getting started on a design competition entry, remodeling your hard drive, organizing that portfolio, or something as simple as cleaning your room for the first time since winter break. Just getting things accomplished feels great, no matter how big or small the accomplishment. garden remodel.jpg
As you may be able to tell I have a few random things entertaining my time this summer. I am taking summer classes to get my pre-requisites out of the way for the upcoming semester of graduate school. That's just during the day. On my off days and at night I am working a variety of jobs. My favorite is aiding a master gardener who has a broken wrist. On my first day we did 3 soil tests, transplanted about 10 plants, picked A LOT of weeds, and cleared out a vegetable garden. I am so lucky to be working with them, even though the hours are limited, because even a master gardener has to work! On top of all that I am redesigning my mom's front yard. I began by taking up the existing pathway, garden lining cobblestones and picking out rocks. I will till out the soil that was a pathway to expand the workable garden area.
Although working with one's family can be stressful, it also provides me a lot of flexibility to have ideas and express them visually in the yard. Now this summer side project is one of my most exciting summer activities. I am super excited to see how it turns out and put this into my portfolio. Remember summer goes by fast so make the most of it!!

Until Next Time,

Sarah S.
Landscape Planning and Design


That's true, summer goes fast ! enjoy the silence!!

I work myself to death in the summer time in our off season. My project was installing a garden pond. One not to fill with smelly fish that you cant keep the water nice and sparkly but one we can enjoy sitting by and listening to the raindrops fall from the fountain while enjoying a good book.This was a long process. First I had to level the ground, then dig out the soil, fill with weed proof liner, add pond liner, surround with rocks to keep the landscaping plastic down, install pump, run electrical cords to an outlet, bury them, surround with pretty pond plants, fill and wha-la! it's ready, finally. Its pretty now since i understand the upkeep and procedure but man was it a long hard hot summer.

I enjoy the rest and the silence!

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