A Lifetime of Gaming Achievements

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1UP.com did a retrospective three weeks ago on Nintendo, the company responsible for popular video game franchises such as Super Mario and Pokemon, highlighting its biggest accomplishments and its most unique characteristics.

Chris Kohler gives a brief, but informative, look at different aspects of Nintendo's history, design philosophy, key individuals, and its most influential products.

Having much experience with Nintendo's products, I found the retrospective to be engaging yet nothing surprising.  This feature serves more as a quick guide for anyone who is unfamiliar with gaming's most enduring company.

The feature suffers from what I have come to expect from 1UP's features: lack of depth.  The websites feature's are never that long, and leave one more curious than satisfied.

Regardless of depth, the feature is still a good read either as a refresher on Nintendo or as a decent introduction to its inner workings.

1 Comment

The first thing that I notice about this article is there no link to the original article. I know games so this isn't a main issue for me but to someone that doesn't know them at all the link would help in their understanding. I like how you had your own perspective in how you took the feature.

Maybe next add something key points that the original feature spoke about. This will provide the reader some type of idea what the feature was about. Maybe include some of your favorite parts of the feature. Overall this is good.

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