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Death toll continues to rise in wake of Philippine massacre

BBC News has reported the death toll for a recent devastating attack in the Philippines has reached 57 as of Wednesday morning.

President Gloria Arroyo has declared a state of emergency in two provinces on the southern island of Mindanao.

Electoral candidate, Ismael Mangudadatu, has suspected the local Ampatuan clan as responsible for the attack because of their family ties with incumbent governor, Andal Ampatuan.

Mangudadatu's wife was killed along with at least 13 journalists.

The New York Times reported the election violence is linked to warring clans vying for political power.

The Ampatuans are close allies of Arroyo, and have aided her in previous elections.

Political violence is not unprecedented in the Philippines.  Previous elections have seen much bloodshed, with 126 deaths in the 2007 elections and 189 in 2004.

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