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Mother and daughter convicted of day care manslaughter

A Bloomington daycare provider and her daughter were both convicted of second-degree manslaughter, according to a Star Tribune report.

Doris Meeks, 48, and her daughter Harmony Newman, 22, neglected to watch over 22-month-old Demar Joseph-Amir Hicks who died of asphyxiation at their Bloomington home.

Meeks left the home to run an errand, leaving Newman alone to baby-sit 23 children.  This exceeded the daycare license limit of 14 children, and it also violated the requirement of two adults supervising at all times.

The child was left unsupervised in their basement when he was strapped into a playpen car, while Newman was upstairs watching television.  He was later found unconscious by one of the other children.

Paramedics arrived in time to get his heart beating again, but Hicks died two days later at Minneapolis Children's Hospital, according the Pioneer Press.

Meeks and Newman face up to 10 years in prison.

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