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Iceland names world's first openly gay PM

Johanna Sigurdardottir became the world’s first openly gay leader when she was sworn in as Iceland’s Prime Minister Sunday accordng to CNN.

Sigurdardottir, 66, also became the nation’s first female premier at a time when Iceland is in financial crisis – a week after Sigurdardotti’s predecessor, Geir Haarde, resigned along with his cabinet.

The New York Times is reporting Iceland is the first country to adjust its leadership due to the financial crisis.

In October, the nation’s stock market, top banks and currency collapsed from the world-wide financial recession.

Sigurdardottir, a former social affairs minister and leader of the Social Democratic Alliance who once worked as a flight attendant, could have a short stay in her new role. Iceland’s next election is in April.

But the Prime Minister will make use of the time she has in office.

“All the ministers in my cabinet must work fast, take firm action and accept responsibility for their actions,? Sigurdardottir said. “The people of this country must see that there is a new government in place which will defend their homes and rebuild the job market.?