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12,000 U.S. troops to leave Iraq by September

President Barack Obama’s plan to withdrawal all U.S. troops from Iraq by 2011 made the news again on Sunday as government officials announced 12,000 troops will leave the Middle Eastern country by September.
The announcement came on the same day as an attack in Baghdad that unofficially killed 29 and wounded another 57 – the worst attack in Iraq in months according to an Associated Press article.
The article, which quotes Maj. Gen. David Perkins, a U.S. Army spokesman, as saying Iraq’s security has “greatly improved, moving from a very unstable to a stable position,” does anything but reinforce those statements.
According to the Associated Press report, Iraqi forces attempted to keep bystanders away from Sunday’s attack by firing shots into the air. Those same forces will be required to keep the peace when U.S. troops begin leaving the country.
Contrary to the Associated Press article, which quoted an unnamed Iraqi official for its casualty list, an Los Angeles Times article published the at least 33 people were killed in the attack while 61 were wounded.
Both articles included that Britain’s remaining 4,000 troops are also scheduled to leave the country next fall.