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Dumpster fire damages Eagan strip mall

After the previous post chastised the Star Tribune for poor reporting efforts, the following story does so with the Pioneer Press.
Both news outlets covered the Eagan strip mall fire around 2 a.m. Sunday morning, but the Pioneer Press’ short article was somewhat lacking.
Primarily, the Pioneer Press reported that “several stories received significant water and smoke damage.”The Star Tribune precisely reported that nine businesses were damaged and then listed the three that were damaged the most.
The Star Tribune also quoted Mike Scott, the Eagan Fire Chief, as saying the fire “doesn’t appear suspicious at this time.” The article went on to explain most dumpster fires, like the one that started the strip mall fire, are caused by either cigarette butts or hot material thrown away in the dumpster.
The Pioneer Press did not report either of the last two facts.
No one was injured in the fire.