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Police say Sunday's five robberies may be connected

According to two local news outlets, police believe a pair of men might be responsible or a string of five robberies throughout the Twin Cities early Sunday.

The Star Tribune provided substantially more coverage on the robberies than the Pioneer Press – publishing that the two suspects approached their victims with a vehicle in all five cases before brandishing a gun.

Police spokesman Sgt. William Palmer said no one was injured in the robberies but said “anytime a gun is involved, we’re concerned.”

There was more disparity between the two outlets. The Star Tribune listed the source as William Palmer while the Pioneer Press listed him as Bill Palmer.

The Pioneer Press also quoted Palmer as saying the crimes were similar but not necessarily related.

“We had five robberies within a two-hour period with some similarities," Sgt. Bill Palmer said this afternoon. "At this point, we're not prepared to call them related."