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Star Tribune misses that hit-and-run victim was deaf

Reporting the details:
The Star Tribune and Pioneer Press both continued to cover the condition of an Apple Valley woman injured in a hit and run on Friday
Joan LaVasseur, 26, remains in critical condition after she was struck by a vehicle – leaving her with multiple fractures to both legs, a fractured pelvis, a broken right hand and lacerations to her face.
The Star Tribune spoke with family members and Apple Valley Sgt. Joe Shaw. An unnamed family member told the Star Tribune LaVasseur is engaged to be married, while Shaw said police have been receiving tips on the vehicle’s driver.
Meanwhile, the Pioneer Press quoted the victim’s sister-in-law, Lori LeVasseur, who repeated the victim’s injuries. The Pioneer Press also reported the victim is deaf.
Interesting discovery by the Pioneer Press, the victim’s disability definitely is newsworthy. It would be interesting to hear how exactly they caught wind of that while the Star Tribune did not.