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12 arrested in Dinkytown riot

12 people were arrested Saturday night after a Dinkytown block party was broken up by police.
According to a report by WCCO-TV, around 400 people gathered in the neighborhood to celebrate the University of Minnesota’s Spring Jam festivities.
However, police responded to the scene when a fire was lit in the street and partygoers tried tipping over a car.
“Obviously [this was] just to cause damage and to cause mayhem and that's not going to be tolerated," Sgt. Jesse Garcia said. "This was mayhem created by drunk college students."
But now some witnesses are saying the police presence actually escalated the problem.
Peter Robins, 21, was one of the 12 arrested, but the junior said he was not part of the riot – he was going there to document the even with his camera.
"I'll never look at a police officer the same," he said. "There's no trust there anymore. And now they're pressing charges for assembly when I wasn't assembling."