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Chaska bakery to close after 138 years

A Chaska bakery announced it will close its doors forever next weekend after 138 years.
The Chaska Bakery, in business since 1871, will turn off its ovens on April 11 – another victim of the recession and increasing popularity of large one-stop shopping centers such as Wal-Mart.
KSTP TV printed a short story on the bakery focuses very little on the history other than the length it had been in business.
The Chaska Herald, another local news outlet, had a more expansive report, which delved into more depth of the business’ history. The Herald also published a subhead on how independent bakeries are a dying breed because of large-scale distributors.
“People changed where they picked up their bakery products,” Mary Elliot, whose family took over the bakery in the 1970s, said to the Herald. “If they were prone to pick up hamburger some place, they would pick up their buns there as well.
It was also interesting to see the Chaska Herald misreport that the business had been open for 125 years instead of 138, especially when it published the bakery was opened in 1871. Was this just some sort of generalization because it didn’t make much sense?