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Woodbury man drowns in rain water

A Woodbury man drowned Sunday after rain water the tunnel he and another man were exploring near the Mississippi River filled with rain water.

Ian William Talty, 30, died despite efforts to save his life by St. Paul police and three members of the St. Thomas rowing team that happened to be in the area, according to the Star Tribune.

Talty’s friend and companion, 29-year old Nick Breid, was injured at the scene but survived.

Television station WCCO spoke to the victim’s wife, who said her husband was an avid photographer. He and Breid often went off on adventure hikes.

"Even this morning he left me a note that said 'I love you' and where he would be going. I was very nervous about his hikes. I knew that they would be dangerous. I knew some places he would go wouldn't be the best," Nicole Talty, the victim’s wife said.