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Gold-laden British ship found

Deep-sea explorers announced Monday that they found the wreckage of a British warship carrying four tons of gold coins, the Dallas Morning News reported.

The HMS Victory was one of the most important ships in British history, the Miami Herald reported. It sank in 1744.

The shipwreck was discovered by Odyssey Marine Exploration, based in Florida. The company is currently in negotiations with the British government over the project.

The ship was lost, presumably in a storm, in its way back from Portugal, the Miami Herald reported. It was crewed by 1,000 men and was carrying 100 brass cannons and 100,000 gold coins.

So far, two brass cannons have been recovered from the shipwreck, the Dallas Morning News reported.

Odyssey Marine Exploration won't disclose the exact location of the wreck so not to attract plunderers.