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Event coverage analysis

I chose to analyze "Stoppard, Ruhl, Shakespeare will play at Park Square" from the Star Tribune to look at event coverage.

The main source of this story is the Park Square Theater, presumably by way of a public relations representative. The story, for the most part, simply announces the 2009-10 season for the theater. The focus of the story is not the shows themselves, but rather the people involved in the shows, either focusing on writers, directors or actors. It also names many of theses people's past awards or past projects they are well-known for. Outside of detailed information about the people involved in these shows, the story is little more than a listing. Without a greater focus or story to tell, it doesn't seem likely to capture a reader's interest, unless he or she is already interested in theater. However, it certainly gets to the heart of the news and what the reader would be interested in, specifically which shows will be performed and who is involved in them.