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Obituary analysis

I am analyzing "Archie Green, 91, Union Activist and Folklorist, Dies" from the New York Times.

The sources in this obituary were Archie Green's son, Derek Green, Simon Bronner, a folklore professor at the University of Pennsylvania, Peggy Bulger, the director of Washington's American Folklife Center, and Roger D. Abrahams, a retired folklore professor at the University of Pennsylvania.

The story has a standard obituary lead, introducing Green with his claim to fame and including where and when he died and his age. This lead is effective because it lets the reader know enough about the person to decide whether or not they want to continue reading.

The obituary differs from a resume because it details what he did outside of his job and how his passions addressed larger issues in the world. It describes not only what he got paid to do and what he chose to do for his career, but what he chose to do with his free time as well, and how that has made a difference in America. The obituary gives the reader a clearer idea of who he was as a person, not just what he did in the world, as well.