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Analysis on records/CAR

For my CAR analysis I chose to look at "The Informant" from the Star Tribune.

This story focused a lot on previous court cases and the outcomes of these cases, so the reporters needed to dig up all of the cases that seemed connected with this story and understand both what they were about and their outcome. The story also said that the reporters looked extensively at other police documents, as well.

Much of the computer reporting done for this story was likely that used to piece together parts of the story of Taylor Trump. The information about where he went to high school and college likely all came from extended computer reporting through looking at information about the schools and from the schools. Trump also had an Internet group at one time, and the reporters likely found out how to access information about this group online or were able to see actual content from the group.

For this story, the reporters needed to know where they were most likely to obtain the information they were looking for, specifically where to find information about former web sites or from schools. Basically, the reporters needed to have a good understanding and idea of where to go to find the information they were looking for.