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Diversity analysis

The story I chose for diversity analysis is "For Somalis, schism of mistrust widens" from the Star Tribune.

This story talks about FBI talking to member of the Minnesota chapter of Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), specifically Somalians, about whether terrorists from their home countries may have recruited missing Somali men from Minnesota. The story talks about both how non-Somali people in Minnesota view those who are Somali, as well as how they may view each other based on whether or not they talk to the FBI. The story seems to move past stereotypes and touches on emotions and feelings that people generally have when part of a group, whether by choice or by circumstance.

This story told me about an issue I didn't know about - that the FBI is looking into the possibility that terrorists are recruiting Somali men - but also reveals information about the loyalty of the Somali community, and both information about how outsiders view them and how they view outsiders.The story operates predominantly through quotes of people, many not identified by name, who have talked to the FBI about this issue. Data and observation aren't important components of the story. The story focused more on FBI-Somali interactions and involvement than on actual cultural, ethnic and racial issues faced by Somalians.