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Polar bear attacks woman in Berlin

A polar bear at the Berlin Zoo attacked a woman Friday when she jumped into the polar bear enclosure during feeding time, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

The woman, 32, is in intensive care and is being treated for cuts to her arm, back and legs.

After the woman jumped into the enclosure, a bear swam to her and began biting her. Zoo staff arrived immediately on the scene and started to hit the bear across the nose to get him to stop, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

Zoo workers hoisted the woman out with rescue rings, CNN reported.

Police issued the woman a citation for trespassing, CNN reported.

Berlin Zoo biologist Heiner Kloes told the Sydney Morning Herald that the polar bear reacted normally to the situation. He also said that the zoo staff had guns available to shoot the bear if the situation had warranted it.

The Berlin Zoo's polar bear, Knut, is well-known for being the first polar bear born at the zoo in 30 years, CNN reported. The Sydney Morning Herald reported that the polar bear that attacked the woman was neither Knut nor his mother.