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Amber O'Connor

The boys played futsal today! I thought they played really well together as a team, and their attack improved a lot! We all will be able to take home new attacks and formations that most Americans have never played against, which will make us even stronger.

By watching the men, I've learned a ton about the game. The way they play here in Brazil is so different, but I'm figuring out a way to translate their style into my game back home. The biggest thing for me is composure, which comes easy for Brazilians because they play pretty much all the time while they're awake. I couldn't walk 50 meters on the beach today without running into a soccer game or juggling circle. Every day I'm finding out more and more that soccer isn't just a game, it's a way of life for these people. At the malls, all they advertise and sell is soccer gear, no other sports balls, logos, or symbols can be found.

It's so cool that even though we're stoked to play Brazilian soccer, they're even more excited to get the opportunity to play against Americans.
I get a lot of stares when I'm juggling or training, because it isn't really quite accepted for women to be athletes. I think it just helps them understand our culture more, and maybe will even open their eyes to the possibility of women being as active in sports as they are back home.

I love the fact that in Brazil, soccer is a way of life, because that's how I was raised to play and love the game. Greg Wheaton came today and he'll be spending 5 days with us! He was one of the men responsible for turning me into the player I am today. He gave me a passion for the beautiful game that's hard to find in America, and I know that him being here with us will help that passion to grow.