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Changing Men - Coach DeVries

It is Wednesday afternoon (August 13, 2008), and I decided to bring my computer the training session at ABC FC in order to write my thoughts of the last few days as Beto takes take the guys through their routine. As I sit here I am still amazed at the love for the sport that the Brazilians have. We started our session as the ABC FC senior team was going through a post game workout. While ABC FC was practicing the must have been 20-25 people that showed up just to watch the practice. The most fascinating thing about this was the fact that they stay long after ABC FC was done to watch the young Americans from Minnesota complete their practice. My time here with the team is more then I could ever expect as a coach. I have sat back and watched every single one of these young men be changed somehow. They are all leaving this incredible country better men – I feel it is best for you to read of their transformation then me to write of them – enjoy – Coach DeVries